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Worldwide Recognition

Lu Gold EDC is Directly partnered or Indirectly affiliated with over 150 Universities in more than 15 Countries across the globe.

Automated Process

With Lu Gold EDC, every stage of your application or Counselling Process is automated.  Our membership portal gives you full access to all features on all devices.

Successful Outcomes in Record Time

Lu Gold EDC has a 100% Success rate in Admissions and Visa Applications. Our registered clients get offers within 48 hours of application.


Thank you for visiting our website. Our goal is to ensure that we can use this medium to provide you with the best services in Admissions, Visa Processing and other Educational inquiries.

We have a team of professionals who are excited to guide you in taking the next steps to further your Education or achieve similar goals. Our website also has an active community of Counselors, University Representatives, Visa Advisers and Alumni of numerous Universities. Be sure to sign up and directly interact with them in our various forum groups.

Explore our website to learn more about our services. We are affiliated with over 185 Universities globally. If you are a prospective student. We definitely have something for you.  We also have an impeccable reputation of positive results for all our clients. You can read more about that and download our Company Profile HERE.

If you require assistance at any time, please fill the Help Form on this page or visit our Contact Page. You can also start a live whatsapp chat with one of our reps by clicking the whatsapp icon in the bottom right corner.


Lu Gold EDC is affiliated with over 145 Universities globally through Direct Partnerships or Pathway Partnerships. Providing Admissions to these Universities is our primary and most popular service. We have a 100% Success rate in attaining Conditional Admission Offers to our Affiliated Universities for our clients. Please click HERE to browse through our robust options.

We also have personalized information for UNDERGRADUATES and POSTGRADUATES. Visit these pages to learn about the latest trends, popular courses and top Universities.

If you are already sure about your intended course of study, you can make an application on the specific University Page here on our website or you can submit a new application on the Submit an Application page. If you are undecided and need counselling, you can book a free counselling session HERE

You can also read some reviews from our clients about our admissions service HERE.

Our Visa Application Service is always an excellent experience always with a successful outcome, as long as you follow our Instructions. We help our clients with  Visa, Immigration & Citizenship Services for the following categories

  • Student Visas
  • Work/Medical Visas
  • Tourist Visas
  • Visa Appeals
  • Immigration Applications
  • Second Citizenship
  • Interview Prepping

The reason we have maintained a 100% Visa Approval rate is simple. We leave nothing to chance. We screen every applicant for eligibility before accepting them as a client. If eligible, the client must follow our Instructions and advice meticulously. If we deem an applicant not eligible for a certain Visa/Program, we politely decline to offer our services and give the applicant detailed advice on what they can do to improve their eligibility, if applicable.

For some countries like the UK, CHINA and a few countries in the EU, we offer an exclusive VIP service. This service unconditionally guarantees the client a Visa as long as they meet the minimum visa requirements. THIS IS APPLICABLE TO TOURIST VISAS ONLY.

Our Second Citizenship service is focused on helping HNIs or Families acquire a Second Citizenship in the country of their choice. This service is executed in partnership with BROOKES & PARTNERS. They have an impressive portfolio and a very long list of satisfied clients.

Please use the form below to book a free appointment with one of our Visa/Immigration Advisers. They would engage you in a brief session that can be done over skype, in-person or through a phone call.

Generally, Education can be quite expensive. Even more so when you are an independent individual. To relieve some of the financial pressure, Universities, Organisations, Charities and Governments offer students various Scholarship offers to offset part or all of the financial requirements for their studies.

Lu Gold EDC has access to numerous Scholarship opportunities. To paint a better picture for you, in 2019, 78% of our UK Student Applicants received either a partial or full Scholarship.

In addition to this, In Nigeria, Lu Gold EDC is directly partnered with various Scholarship boards in states like Kano, Jigawa, Cross River and has strong associations with Agencies like the PTDF, NDDC and NNCMC. Through this relationship, we are able to assist these agencies in not only providing Admission offers to beneficiaries but in some unique cases, also, vetting eligibility of applicants.

We also help all our clients to build a Scholarship profile. There are numerous scholarships available to students. The major challenge comes with responding to the interview questions for these Scholarships. We help all EDC clients build a list of personalized responses to the most commonly asked questions. Making it easier for them to quickly apply for various Scholarship Opportunities.

Click HERE to visit our Scholarships page for a full list of all our Scholarship Opportunities.

Lu Gold EDC helps clients register for Examinations and Standardized tests. We also have a dedicated team of tutors that help prepare candidates for some examinations, specifically;

  • SAT
  • GMAT

Our Candidates are taught via online lessons powered by Zoom or in our office locations that have the learning facilities. Please visit our CONTACT page to see if our office in a location close to you has these learning facilities.

We have specifically achieved great success with our IELTS training. In 2019, the average score for our clients who we prepared for IELTS for UKVI Academic was 7.0. Our courses are very interactive and candidates actually take Mock Examinations at least 3 times until they can attain a satisfactory score.

We are able to physically register Candidates for the above-mentioned exams in the following countries;

  • Nigeria
  • Cameroon
  • Ghana
  • Kenya
  • Uganda
  • Angola
  • Tanzania
  • Seychelles

Candidates not living in the countries listed above will have to follow our guidelines to make the registrations by themselves.

Please visit our Examinations & Tests Page to see what services we offer and read reviews from our previous candidates who aced their examinations.

Lu Gold EDC provides the following Financial Services.

  • International Transfers: We can help you make international payments for your Tuition, Accommodation, bills or to send Pocket Money to your loved ones studying abroad. You pay the equivalent in your local currency and we make the payment via a direct bank transfer or credit card payment in the country of residence of the beneficiary. Transactions are done the same day. It is applicable to all states in the EU, UK, USA, North America and the Carribean.
  • Short Term Loans – We work with many parents who have multiple children studying abroad at the same time. Sometimes, this puts a strain on liquidity and cash flow, especially when immediate evidence of funding is required. Lu Gold EDC provides short term loans for “ELIGIBLE” parents to help them meet their financial requirements during temporary gaps in cash inflow. Our Finance team covers all bases when screening an applicant for eligibility. You would have to provide detailed evidence of employment, source of income and establish clear inflow patterns before being deemed eligible for our loan. This service is only available to students in Nigeria and Ghana and our Interest rates are as low as 2%.

You should visit our finance page to learn more about our services and also read our tips and tricks about saving money for college and life after University.

Lu Gold EDC is involved in the training of School Teachers and Counselors on various topics. During our Quarterly School Tours, we offer School Counselors at the Schools we visit the opportunity to be fully trained on how to guide and counsel students on further education and choosing the right career path.

Most of our Counselling trainings are done online and a certificate of completion is issued to the Teacher/Counsellor. After completing this programme, School Counsellors are able to properly understand and distinguish between the various pathway routes to University and the benefits of each.

For our partner Academic Institutions, every year, Lu Gold EDC selects one male and female teacher and sponsors them for a British Council Training Programme.

Visit the Training Page to learn more on how you can get involved and benefit from our incentives.


Lu Gold EDC is either directly partnered or indirectly affiliated with all the Universities and Colleges listed in the categories below.

For every University listed, we can GUARANTEE you an Admission offer to any of their Degree Programmes within 72 hours after submitting your application and credentials to us, as long as you meet the Academic requirements.

We can also successfully help you apply directly to other Universities not on this list, as well as successfully attain a study visa and help with Financing.

Browse by Continent/Country below or click HERE for our full list of Affiliated Universities.


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Client Testimonials

Emmnauella Diri Pharmacy University of Brighton, UK, 2018, KAPLAN Foundation Pathway

Excellent Experience

My High School already had an affiliation with Lu Gold EDC so I was being prepped for University before my High School graduation. My parents and i decided Pharmacy was the right course for me. Lu Gold EDC helped me with choosing the best course that would have good placement opportunities and certification upon completion. I think one of the reasons i also aced my IELTS test was their coaching. My counselor still keeps in touch by email to ask about my grades and welfare which i think is very thoughtful.

Abdulrahman Mustapha Foundation in Business and Social Sciences, Kaplan, The University of Nottingham International College. 2018


The service was absolutely amazing. I had a tight deadline but Lu Gold EDC managed the situation effectively and was able to provide me with all the needed essential documents. They also gave me advice regarding the Visa interview, as well as, life in abroad. What I admired most was how well they helped me prepare for the IELTS exam. It was very easy on my part as I didn't have to do much in general. Once again, excellent service and highly recommended.

I'm from Nigeria and I ended up going to the University of Nottingham, my first choice.

CHIAMAKA CELINE EZEANOWI Admissions, visa, and IELTS training. Direct Entry To Coventry University, 2019.


The whole process ranging from the application in schools, down to the application for visa Lu Gold EDC carries itself in professional glory. Following up with the schools and giving feedbacks as soon as possible. If you are out for a smooth, trustworthy, accurate and fruitful admission process, I strongly recommend this entity.

I am from Nigeria, and I ended in Coventry University

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Partner Testimonials


I must commend your recruitment effort and partnership this year. I am very pleased with the work done by Lu Gold EDC so far and we look forward to supporting you further in your future activities.

Truly Refreshing

What I appreciate most about Lu Gold EDC is that they provide a detailed account of their promotional activities on a regular basis, along with insights of possible opportunities. I find that this detail is often lacking when working with many other agent representatives around the world and, as a result, working with Lu Gold is truly refreshing.

INTO University Partnerships Recruitment Manager - Nigeria & Ghana

Good Prospects

I think so far so good. We have seen some interests and applications from Lu Gold EDC and now we have to work together to in order to get some decent conversions of offer holders.

Are You Looking to Become a Sub-Agent?

Are you an upcoming agent with good Student Leads but limited University Affiliations? Let Lu Gold EDC Process Your Students and earn 60% Commissions. Earn 10% Higher than the industry standard of 50%. Only possible with Lu Gold EDC.

Are You A Secondary School Owner/Administrator?

Every Quarter Lu Gold EDC selects Secondary Schools for its Quarterly School Tours. During this visits we make donations to Teacher Funds, engage students, pay for School Equipment and also gift administrative equipment to each School. Click the button to take a look at our previous School Tours and give us a call if you are interested.

COVID-19 Updates

We've Taken Measures to Protect Our Current & Prospective Students

Learn more about the steps we are taking to protect our Students abroad, help them switch to online learning and ensure our Prospective Students receive their Admission Offers.


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