Student Financing

Lu Gold EDC provides the following Financial Services.

Short-Term Loans

 We work with many parents who have multiple children studying abroad at the same time. Sometimes, this puts a strain on liquidity and cash flow, especially when immediate evidence of funding is required. Lu Gold EDC provides short term loans for “ELIGIBLE” parents to help them meet their financial requirements during temporary gaps in cash inflow. You would have to provide detailed evidence of employment, source of income and establish clear inflow patterns before being deemed eligible for our loan. This service is only available to students in Nigeria and Ghana and our Interest rates are as low as 2%.

International Transfers

 We can help you make international payments for your Tuition, Accommodation, bills or to send Pocket Money to your loved ones studying abroad. You pay the equivalent in your local currency and we make the payment via a direct bank transfer or credit card payment in the country of residence of the beneficiary. Transactions are done the same day. It is applicable to all states in the EU, UK, USA, North America and the Caribbean.


 Earn money for using the services of Lu Gold EDC or for referring clients to Lu Gold EDC. Our registered affiliates in West Africa earn as much as $1000 per student referral and sub-agents enjoy the benefits of a 60/40 sharing formula in their favour, the most generous in the industry.

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