Ready For Your First Degree?

Your first University Degree will probably define the rest of your academic life and possibly your career as well. It’s important that you get it right the first time.

The first thing you need to do is “NOT FOLLOW THE CROWD”. There are hundreds of courses in various disciplines that all lead to wonderful careers all over the world. Take your time and pick the right one!

Our counselors have been providing academic advise to students for many years. Talk to them about your strengths, weaknesses and goals. They will help you find the best Degree Programme that fits your academic strengths and will help you achieve your future goals.

If you are still under the responsibility of your parents or guardians, you must carry them along at all times and ensure that everyone is agreement with your decisions.

There are many routes to attaining an Undergraduate Degree. Below are the 3 conventional ways to begin your Undergraduate Degree

Pathways to an Undergraduate Degree

Direct Admission to the University with required credentials.

Undergraduate Foundation Pathway Programme

Undergraduate International Year One Pathway Programme

Pathway Statistics For Our Clients

  • Direct Entry
  • Foundation Year Programme
  • International Year One
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Kaplan Pathways

Get direct Entry to over 25 Universities in the UK, USA, Australia and Asia by completing a Kaplan Pathway Programme. On successful completion of a Undergraduate Pathway Programme you are guaranteed direct admission into Year One or Year Two of your chosen course of Study at that University.

You can also use the qualification attained from a Kaplan Pathway programme to apply to other Universities in the world.


INTO Pathways

INTO works with Lu Gold EDC to help students from around the world achieve their dream of studying overseas at university. They create unique preparation programs designed specifically for international students, ensuring that you comfortably settle into life in a new country and are ready to succeed in your degree. Their undergraduate¬† pathway programs support students in improving their English and developing their subject-specific academic knowledge. We’ve helped thousands of INTO students secure their place on some of the best university courses overseas in the US and UK, and go on to find successful careers. Are you ready to join them?




INTO Partnership
Kaplan Partnership
ELS Partnership

And numerous other Direct Partnerships with Universities all over the world.

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