Second Citizenship


Our Second Citizenship service is focused on helping HNIs or Families acquire a Second Citizenship in the country of their choice. This service is executed in partnership with Passport Legacy. They have an impressive portfolio and a very long list of satisfied clients.


Citizens of countries that are politically or economically unstable often wish to emigrate or acquire an alternative citizenship or residency as an insurance policy – in case things at home take a turn for the worse. If such individuals have money to invest, then it makes sense to do so in countries that will give them a formal status in return.


LU GOLD EDC has a lot experience of working with clients from all over the world through its global office network. Many face restrictions on their commercial and personal freedoms because they lack the ability to travel freely or to do business when and where they want. RBI and CBI schemes provide an opportunity to acquire a second passport or alternative residence, quickly and legally, and with minimum disruption to your life. Sometimes described as the “new alternative investment”, you should consider acquiring them long before they might be needed in an emergency.


Many countries encourage immigration by HNWIs, through citizenship by investment (CBI) or residency by investment (RBI) schemes – often known as ‘golden passports’ and ‘golden visas’ respectively. These are characterised by the provision of access to citizenship or residency in exchange for specified investments and via a clear delineated process. The key drivers for applicants typically include:

  • Mobility – the flexibility to travel more freely, as and when you choose, without visa restrictions
  • Security – a ready alternative if habitual residence or primary citizenship is lost or revoked
  • Quality of life – access to improved healthcare, education and infrastructure
  • Diversification – investment in a country with clear ownership laws, stable currency, an effective legal system and consistent tax rules
  • Legacy – improved long-term opportunities for the investor’s family
  • Tax – potential access to more favourable tax regimes and tax treaty networks
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