If you are interested in studying an academic programme in the United Kingdom, you will be requiring a UK Student Visa. Our team has put together this guide to direct you on the appropriate steps and also shed some more light on some facts and myths that you may have questions about. 


If you are 16 years or over, you can apply for a UK Student Visa. However if you are below 18, you will need evidence of consent from your parents to submit an application. This Visa is the "Student Visa" which replaced the Tier 4 General Student Visa. It is not to be confused with the "Child Student Visa" which is meant for students between 4 and 17 headed to an independent school like a High School or Elementary School. 


  • Have a valid admission offer for a course provided by a Licensed Student Sponsor.
  • Have the right amount of money for your course and also to support yourself and any dependents.
  • Speak, read, write and understand English and have the qualification to prove it.


If you are applying from outside the United Kingdom, the earliest time to apply is 6 months before the course start date as stated on your CAS Letter or Admission Offer.

If you are applying from within the United Kingdom the earliest time to apply is 3 months before your course starts. You must apply before your current visa expires.


  • If your course lasts less than 6 months, you can only travel to UK 1 week before your course begins.
  • If your course lasts more than 6 months, you can only travel to the UK 1 month before your course begins.


IMMIGRATION HEALTH SURCHARGE: Healthcare in the UK is free with the NHS, but as an International Student you have to pay a Surcharge to access this service for you and any dependents travelling with you. You can calculate exactly how much this will cost you by following this link: IHS FEE CALCULATOR.

VISA APPLICATION FEES: It will cost you £348 to apply for a Student Visa from outside the UK. If you are already in the UK, it will cost you £475 to extend your existing student visa or switch from another visa to a Student Visa. These prices are valid as of the date of writing this article (06/06/2021). The Agency charged with receiving your application may have their own various fees. If you are using a Professional Counsellor or immigration lawyer to submit an application, they may also have fees for their professional services. 


  • Your Confirmation Of Acceptance of Studies (CAS) Reference Number and Leter issued by your education provider.
  • A Tuberculosis test result from the UKVI approved testing centre. This is valid for 6 months. Students from some countries do not require this test, confirm if you do HERE
  • A Valid International Passport.
  • Evidence of Funding for your Tuition Fees and Living Expenses (See this Detailed Article). 
  • Evidence that you have met the English Language Requirements for your Course. Either with an approved English Test Result or by your educational provider stating why you qualify on your CAS.
  • Evidence of payments of any deposits for Tuition or Accommodation. This is usually stated on your CAS, if not please provide adequate receipts.
  • All academic or professional qualifications that were used as evidence of proficiency or competency to award you with the Admission Offer must be provided. These documents are usually stated on your CAS.

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