Testimonials from Clients, Affiliates and Partners

Since our inception, we’ve been privileged to serve numerous clients, work with multiple Universities around the world and sign up Affiliates to help us with Recruitment.

Below are Reviews and Testimonials from a few of our actual Clients, University Partners, Pathways, Schools and Affiliates. They have been carefully selected to represent our range of services and regions we operate in.

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Reviews from our Student Clients

Lemachi Business & Finance, Nottingham Trent Uni, UK, 2018, KAPLAN Foundation Pathway

Lots of Help

I really didn't have to do much but submit my documents and show up for the visa interview, Lu Gold EDC did everything else. I was constantly getting updates on the status of my application and reminders for upcoming exam dates or medical test dates. They made the whole process much easier. All i had to do was follow instructions as required. I'd highly recommend them especially if you're not sure about the procedures etc

Natalie Economics & Finance, Newcastle University, UK, 2013, Direct Entry into Year One


A-levels were a lot of stress. When i was done, the thought of going through the UCAS process was dreadful. A Counsellor from Lu Gold EDC had visited our school during my A-levels so i decided to call. We had three counselling sessions over skype and i was able to find the course i felt
was right for me. They helped me submit my UCAS application, gave me tips on how to write good personal statements and even had someone go with me for my Visa Interview in Lagos. They really made the entire process a lot easier for me.

Emmnauella Diri Pharmacy University of Brighton, UK, 2018, KAPLAN Foundation Pathway

Excellent Experience

My High School already had an affiliation with Lu Gold EDC so I was being prepped for University before my High School graduation. My parents and i decided Pharmacy was the right course for me. Lu Gold EDC helped me with choosing the best course that would have good placement opportunities and certification upon completion. I think one of the reasons i also aced my IELTS test was their coaching. My counselor still keeps in touch by email to ask about my grades and welfare which i think is very thoughtful.

ROSEMARY Business Management, Masters, UNSW,Australia, 2015, Direct Application


I wanted something different. I had already completed my undergraduate degree in Canada and i definitely wanted to move somewhere warmer. I discovered Lu Gold EDC through my Alumni newsletter and gave them a call. They helped me to find a school and also a partial scholarship at Australia for my Masters Degree. Even though i was in Canada, Lu Gold EDC made the process easy using their online portal and skype calls.

Reviews from our University and Pathway Partners


I must commend your recruitment effort and partnership this year. I am very pleased with the work done by Lu Gold EDC so far and we look forward to supporting you further in your future activities.

Truly Refreshing

What I appreciate most about Lu Gold EDC is that they provide a detailed account of their promotional activities on a regular basis, along with insights of possible opportunities. I find that this detail is often lacking when working with many other agent representatives around the world and, as a result, working with Lu Gold is truly refreshing.

INTO University Partnerships Recruitment Manager - Nigeria & Ghana

Seamless Process

Awaiting Approval

Reviews from our School Partners and Affiliates

Eleanor Miner Counselor, HillCrest School, Jos

Very Reliable

Awaiting Approval

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