Getting a good education is important. So is being able to get a good job after graduation with the freedom to start making an impact in your field – without being held back by unnecessary debt. Get Up to  £5000 worth of scholarships to study abroad at your preferred university. Go over our list of over 120 universities on our Universities List and book a counselling session with one of our counsellors on our Bookings &  Services page to see which scholarships you qualify for.

This Page is regularly updated as more scholarship Opportunities become available, Check back regularly to see if there are any scholarship opportunities available for you.

Scholarships & Grants

Lu Gold EDC has access to numerous Scholarship opportunities. To paint a better picture for you, in 2019, 78% of our UK Student Applicants received either a partial or full Scholarship. In addition to this, In Nigeria, Lu Gold EDC is directly partnered with various Scholarship boards in states like Kano, Jigawa, Cross River and has strong associations with Agencies like the PTDF, NDDC and NNCMC. Through this relationship, we are able to assist these agencies in not only providing Admission offers to beneficiaries but in some unique cases, also, vetting eligibility of applicants. We also help all our clients to build a Scholarship profile. There are numerous scholarships available to students. The major challenge comes with responding to the interview questions for these Scholarships. We help all EDC clients build a list of personalised responses to the most commonly asked questions. Making it easier for them to quickly apply for various Scholarship Opportunities.

Along with our advanced accreditations, we also have been recognized by the following organizations for our excellence in providing educational services.

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