You’re just rounding up your Undergraduate Degree and need to decide quickly what your next study plan is. You may also have finished your Undergraduate degree, taken a short break to work or cool off and you are now ready to continue your Higher Education.

In both scenarios, you are looking to start a Postgraduate Degree.

Before choosing a postgraduate degree, you should always consider the discipline of your previous studies, your intended career path and the kind of opportunities available to you in your country of origin or the country you plan to relocate to.

Pay special attention to the statistics that show what professions are most lucrative and what the average salaries are for previous students who have completed a particular course.

There is also the option of Certified Skill Acquisition, Certifications and licenses as an alternative to a Master’s Degree or PhD. As an undergraduate degree holder, it might be worthwhile to explore the options of adding a specific skill, license or certification to your portfolio to improve your chances of employability and a better Salary. This is mostly applicable to professionals in the IT Sector where you are judged by the quality of your work and not your academic background.

Skilled Labour
Before Considering a Postgraduate degree, be sure you do not just need to improve, advance or certify your existing skill-set to adapt to new technology & practices.



Our team of Qualified Counselors are available to help you make the right decision. Whatever your choice, our priority is to ensure the decisions you make will directly result in you achieving the long-term career goals you have drawn out for yourself.

NAVITAS Pathways

Navitas has a course of study for you as a prospective Postgraduate or Undergraduate Student. Let Lu Gold EDC use our partnership with Navitas to help you Choose from hundreds of majors, at one of their 120 colleges in 31 countries worldwide.

Kaplan Pathways

Get direct Entry to over 25 Universities in the UK, USA, Australia and Asia by completing a Kaplan Pathway Programme. On successful completion of a Undergraduate Pathway Programme you are guaranteed direct admission into Year One or Year Two of your chosen course of Study at that University.

You can also use the qualification attained from a Kaplan Pathway programme to apply to other Universities in the world.

INTO Pathways

INTO works with Lu Gold EDC to help students from around the world achieve their dream of studying overseas at university. They create unique preparation programs designed specifically for international students, ensuring that you comfortably settle into life in a new country and are ready to succeed in your degree. Their undergraduate¬† pathway programs support students in improving their English and developing their subject-specific academic knowledge. We’ve helped thousands of INTO students secure their place on some of the best university courses overseas in the US and UK, and go on to find successful careers. Are you ready to join them?

Direct Entry

Lu Gold EDC is directly partnered with multiple Universities in various countries. Through this direct partnerships we can help you gain Direct entry into a Postgraduate or Undergraduate Degree Programme without having to go through a pathway as long as you meet the Academic requirements.



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