Ho! Ho! Ho! You're all set for EDC 7 Days of Christmas!

In case you missed our last email, and you have no clue what we're talking about, click the button below to retrace your steps before Santa puts you on his naughty list!

For those of you that have registered! You're on Santa's Nice list! Here's How Your EDC 7 Days of Christmas Will be!!

EDC First Day of Christmas

On the 12th of December, we officially decided that for our last webinar of the year we would be surprising all attendees with Christmas gifts in forms of UK Scholarships and other prizes. The Webinar is scheduled for 18th December. If you are on the naughty list and haven't registered, please do so now.

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EDC Second Day of Christmas

13th December was the Second Day of EDC Christmas and we officially posted on our Website and Social Media platforms to invite people to participate in the Ultimate Christmas Giveaway Webinar! By this time our EDC Santa was getting set to announce what he has for people on his nice list.

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EDC Third Day of Christmas

14th December was the Third Day of EDC Christmas. On this day we sent an announcement to all people registered to congratulate them and give them a preview of what Santa and his helpers have in store for them. Its okay if you missed it, you can read the summary of the email below:

What Email Santa talkin bout'?

EDC Fourth Day of Christmas

15th December is the Fourth Day of EDC Christmas. And Santa wants to let you know he's all about that Money!!!

EDC Santa will be giving away £45,000.00 in Scholarships to 11 Lucky Prospective Undergraduate & Prospective Students attending the webinar on the 18th December. 

EDC Santa wants you to know he isn't the Tooth Fairy. You don't need to lose a tooth for a dollar. Come through on the 18th for that CREAM.

Well after we called him to order, he also wants you to know the list of Schools you are getting the scholarships for.

What Universities Can I Use My Scholarship!

EDC Fifth Day of Christmas

16th December is the Fifth Day of EDC Christmas. 

Our EDC Santa spent the entire day and night preparing and packing his gifts. 

We are pleased to announce, he is 80% done with his naughty and nice list. 

The good news is, there's something for everyone. Plus we also got some gifts from our friends over at the Jos Pole!!

We only have a few, but an elf called Bunmi from the Jos pole who may or may not be using the number +2347034219148 has a lot more of these gifts if you want more. Tell her the EDC Santa sent you and she'll throw in a freebie!

Click the link below for a hint on what it is!!

What Did Our Friends at the Jos Pole Send For You?!

EDC Sixth Day of Christmas

Today 17th December is the Sixth Day of EDC Christmas. 

This day is all about our Dear Parents and Schools in Nigeria.

2020 has been a very challenging year. It's not been economically easy on your pockets as well.

This is why we are pleased to tell you about the new incentive in partnership with a Bank that provides you with a safe landing when it gets hard to pay your kids school fees.

After a brief screening process, this incentive will remit your child's school fees to his school and you can repay over 3 months at 0% Interest and No Collateral Required.

This is applicable to only Private and Public Primary and Secondary Schools in Nigeria. We'll tell you all about it and how you can benefit from it as a School or as a parent in the webinar tomorrow!

Click the link below to register if you have not!!

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1 more day of EDC Christmas left!


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